Tired and groggy

tiredMy condition I fight daily is called hypothyroid, also known as low-thyroid. It makes it so that I feel luggy and tired all the time. I have fought it for years, self-medicating until I found that by adding iodine I was making it worse.

Too much iodine for some folks will make them more tired and groggy so you may want to watch what supplements you buy for low-thyroid. After two years of taking over-the-counter supplements specifically made to support thyroid function, I realized the near-blackouts I was having was because thyroid supplements often have iodine in them.

Once I stopped taking the supplements with iodine I felt better almost immediately.

In the past few months I found juicing online after watching a movie I have watched again and again just to be inspired. It is Joe Cross’s Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead movie which I highly recommend before you look into juicing. It is really an incredible story!

As you may know, if you have low-thyroid, it is really hard to maintain your weight and being overweight is a common problem for people.

In the past I used Bioscience hCG drops and lost weight fast. It worked really well but I did not continue keeping my food on track due to stress, so remembered the drops recently and thought I’d try them again.

Not only had I lost weight on the drops quite rapidly, the drops made me feel full of energy, gave me more mental clarity to combat low thyroid “brain fog” and I felt far less fatigue. I felt strong and well on those drops because of whatever ingredients they had so I wanted to try them again to feel well and strong.

Today I called the Bioscience site to ask what the difference is between their hCG drops and their diet drops. The packaging looks the same but a few years ago I used the hCG drops to drop some weight. It worked, and fast!

So today I’m wondering why I have not dropped a pound and used the diet drops. I am troubled by this and so I called the Bioscience number on their website.

I got a lady named “Shirley” on the phone.

So I asked Shirley what the difference was between the two bottles of drops, because the ingredients looked the same and I could not figure out why I was not having results this time around.

She told me the packaging changed yet the mixture is still the same. She told me that in 2011 the federal government would not allow companies to use hCG in their over-the-counter hCG drops. I know they have to be prescribed by a doctor but I still could not figure out why I haven’t dropped a pound in the last two days.

Have they changed the mixture in the past few years?