Going on day shift

daylight-2-borderIt’s hard to stay awake during the day; I feel groggy from having to work nights for 11 long months.  I hated every minute of it, but I acclimated to working the night shift, never getting good quality sleep even with several tricks I used to help me get through the night shift, such as using a red light (wearing goggles) for 15 minutes a day which gave me better energy during my night shift.

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Now I can’t stay asleep and keep waking up all during the night!  It’s been a week on my new day and swing shift combo, and I’m groggy all day and feel time’s a wast’n!

I can’t wait to feel energized during the day I used to.  I hope it won’t take too long to get back into the day shift sleep-wake cycle and feel more energy again. 


Feeling better with chlorella

chlorella-tablets-shadow-04I remembered that I had some chlorella stored in my refrigerator that I had begun using two years ago, but then for some reason I stopped taking it.  It may be that I was inundated with supplements trying to figure out how I could cure myself of having low thyroid.  I must have figured that I took so many supplements that I couldn’t take my chlorella on top of everything else.

I realized that I used to feel better when I took it.  I felt more energy and I did not feel as good without taking it.  I have it in tabs in a package that is re-sealable and so I have it in my refrigerator just sitting there waiting to be taken.  I put it in my fridge door and so it got buried under a lot of other supplements I keep in the fridge and I did not see it until recently, as well.  That’s my excuse.

Chlorella is a green super-food, much like green spirulina.  According to one site I went to,

Chlorella contains more chlorophyll than most plants, along with an impressive array of vitamins and minerals (A, D, E, K1, beta carotene, lutein, B vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc).

Hypothyroid disease often accompanies adrenal fatigue causing severe tiredness and fatigue.  It is an awful thing to have.  Often, you treat the hypothyroid, but still feel sluggish, or groggy.

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I believe that working on a combination of things helps my energy level and gets my metabolism going.  I am currently working on healing my leaky gut syndrome, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.  I believe these are common problems people have who may not know it and are reasons why people feel groggy and struggle with feeling tired all the time.  There may be other reasons, and I’m not a doctor, but these are common health issues, according to the literature out there.

I have read a lot about how inflammation causes a lot of problems in the body and contributes in some way to all these issues I currently am working on.  An alkaline diet fights inflammation and helps provide energy.  Chlorella is one of those “superfoods” that is alkaline, as are green foods.  Chlorella supports digestive health and supports the immune system.

The more I learn and eat foods I am learning about, the better I feel.  Chlorella is a strong part of that equation for me.

Source:  http://www.wellnessresources.com/tips/articles/chlorella/

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Is your low-thyroid linked with leaky gut?


I discovered another reason I may have low thyroid that I hadn’t read before.  It may be that I have leaky gut syndrome, which is an inflammation of the gut caused by stress, toxins, bacterial imbalances.  Leaky gut has been tied to hypothyroidism, or low-thyroid issues.  I did not know this until very recently after finding Dr. Axe’s webpage about this connection between low-thyroid and leaky gut syndrome.

I had been treating my low-thyroid only and did not know that I should also treat my intestines making sure that the lining of my intestines were a healthy barrier against toxins.  

Outside of trauma, the body maintained a wonderfully effective selective barrier in the small intestine, one that allowed nutrients to enter, but kept out metabolic wastes and microbial toxins rampant in the intestines. – Functional Medicine University

Eating the wrong foods like the typical American diet can cause leaky gut.  Basically, the lining of the intestines become more porous, allowing tiny particles of food to enter the bloodstream and toxins to enter the small intestines where they don’t belong.  

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An autoimmune response that can create illnesses, such as asthma, food allergies, chronic sinusitis, eczema, urticaria, migraine, irritable bowel, fungal disorders, fibromyalgia, and inflammatory joint disorders including rheumatoid arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), according to a website page published by Functional Medicine University.

I felt better when I quit eating prepared meals from the freezer section of my grocery store, as well as any breads, cereals, processed cheese, processed yogurt, and quit eating the candy left out at work on the desk where I work.  Sugar is pretty much gone from my diet; I have switched to stevia only.  I also didn’t get enough rest, which added to the stress of daily living.

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Instead I’ve amped up juicing where I have my juicer where I regularly juice foods every day, and I’ve added what Dr. Axe says is beneficial to treat leaky gut syndrome, and that is drinking bone broth.  I made a special trip to my local health food store and bought chicken and also beef bone broth.  Dr. Axe says to drink this every day, even go on a fast using bone broth.

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I also make sure to eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.  I lightly steam cruciferous vegetables because they are supposed to be harder for those of us with low-thyroid, where eating raw cruciferous vegetables might block the thyroid functioning so that they block thyroid hormones from being produced.  

I find I need plenty of protein in the form of meat, fish and eggs.  I feel better with protein. I read somewhere that some of us low-thyroid people need more protein, and I agree.

Now that I have started eating better for my leaky gut, I feel a lot better.  My waistline has also decreased and my pants fit better.  I feel truly less bloated, and I have more energy.  

I think eating clean foods and being aware of what leaky gut syndrome is has helped me feel better in the long run.  I can digest my food better and generally feel more energy.

Low-thyroid gets better with juicing

juicer machineI have picked up the juicer today and juiced the veggies that I had.  I am feeling more energy a few hours later.  This is really a great feeling! 

Juicing definitely gives me energy and I would not go without it in trying to feel healthy and in gaining more energy!  My juicer was not a waste of money and has been worth every cent!  More than any vitamin or supplement, I believe fruits and vegetables in their natural form is the best medicine that there is on the planet!  Organic is best but I do what I can in using whatever I have.

I have read that spinach is one of those veggies that you should steam before juicing if you have low-thyroid so that’s what I did.

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I had made a salad beforehand with spinach, lettuce, mushrooms and organic carrots.  I wanted to juice up a few leftover’s in my produce drawer in the fridge today so I picked out the spinach and steamed it.  I began juicing and after a few minutes the spinach was steamed and I threw it into a large tupperware container and then into the freezer for a quick cooling down.  Then I juiced it with what I had been juicing already.

I use Kerr jars that I fill to the top usually by adding a little water to stretch my produce budget and to keep the air out of my juice so it lasts longer.  Of course I keep them in the refrigerator so I have a few to drink later that day and for a day or two later.  You can juice ahead this way and not have to juice every day if you don’t want to. 

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Learn about the differences between masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers here.

Tired and groggy

tiredMy condition I fight daily is called hypothyroid, also known as low-thyroid. It makes it so that I feel luggy and tired all the time. I have fought it for years, self-medicating until I found that by adding iodine I was making it worse.

Too much iodine for some folks will make them more tired and groggy so you may want to watch what supplements you buy for low-thyroid. After two years of taking over-the-counter supplements specifically made to support thyroid function, I realized the near-blackouts I was having was because thyroid supplements often have iodine in them.

Once I stopped taking the supplements with iodine I felt better almost immediately.

In the past few months I found juicing online after watching a movie I have watched again and again just to be inspired. It is Joe Cross’s Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead movie which I highly recommend before you look into juicing. It is really an incredible story!

As you may know, if you have low-thyroid, it is really hard to maintain your weight and being overweight is a common problem for people.

In the past I used Bioscience hCG drops and lost weight fast. It worked really well but I did not continue keeping my food on track due to stress, so remembered the drops recently and thought I’d try them again.

Not only had I lost weight on the drops quite rapidly, the drops made me feel full of energy, gave me more mental clarity to combat low thyroid “brain fog” and I felt far less fatigue. I felt strong and well on those drops because of whatever ingredients they had so I wanted to try them again to feel well and strong.

Today I called the Bioscience site to ask what the difference is between their hCG drops and their diet drops. The packaging looks the same but a few years ago I used the hCG drops to drop some weight. It worked, and fast!

So today I’m wondering why I have not dropped a pound and used the diet drops. I am troubled by this and so I called the Bioscience number on their website.

I got a lady named “Shirley” on the phone.

So I asked Shirley what the difference was between the two bottles of drops, because the ingredients looked the same and I could not figure out why I was not having results this time around.

She told me the packaging changed yet the mixture is still the same. She told me that in 2011 the federal government would not allow companies to use hCG in their over-the-counter hCG drops. I know they have to be prescribed by a doctor but I still could not figure out why I haven’t dropped a pound in the last two days.

Have they changed the mixture in the past few years?