Jello Surprise In A Healthy Way

Here’s a second idea (if you read yesterday’s post for the first idea) for a treat you can pack in your lunch pail and take to work.


It’s Jello Surprise! LOL! No, really, it’s good for you and there are a variety of ways to make this refreshing taste treat a sweet desert to eat during a long work day!

I began making jello, the plain kind, when I read Dr. Axe reporting that gelatin is good for your leaky gut.  Then I discovered it was an easy way to liven up my lunches I take to work so I have a treat every day and don’t feel deprived.

Here is my first step where I’ve added hot water into a bowl of four jello packets, the unflavored variety, and added several packets of stevia.  After stirring several minutes, with my Mickey Mouse whisk, a powerful thought hit me.  I got the idea to place a tea-bag into the hot water with the mixture to add flavor, and health properties of green tea!

Knox Gelatin, Unflavored, 32 Count, Net Wt 8-Ounce

Here is what it looked like, and now it sits in the kitchen where it will cool down just a bit. Then I will add frozen fruit, stir it in, then pop into the fridge for three hours and let it set!


I have also used lemon juice and squirted it into the cooled down mixture to add vitamin C. The ideas are endless for what you can add into these jello treats!  

For any of you single men out there who don’t pack a lunch and you want to save money so you can take your pretty girlfriend out on a date, you can spoon the jello into plastic containers and take it to work!  More economical than buying lunch at the drive-thru every day and make your mamma proud you are eating correctly, for a change!

Don’t forget to buy the inexpensive blue ice packs to put in your freezer, and then add one to your lunch box to keep these frozen deserts cold in your lunch bags!

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Easy Peasy Berry Treat

Someone told me I should write a recipe book because my snacks were so good!  I develop tasty, easy snacks that are not that expensive, simple to make and good for you!

Here’s one of my tasty treats!  



This is my bowl of frozen blueberries I bought in the frozen section of my local grocery store that is sprinkled with stevia, instead of sugar!  Cool and delicious, it is a tasty treat that is sugary sweet, without the fructose and cane sugar that goes into everything sold at the supermarket these days!

As a friend would say, “easy peasy”! 

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