Quality Food Heals But Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe It?

cuc-tom-salad-blog-yellowWhy is it that medical doctors don’t tell their patients how a good diet, possibly tailored to their illness, could help them get well?

I’m learning every kind of food plan out there that there is in order to heal my own medical issues, and am feeling better just by changing the food I eat.  I have not learned anything from going to doctors about using food as medicine.  

In fact when I went to the doctor last and they learned that I had not been under a doctor’s care for many years for having had arterial surgery and low-thyroid, the medical people who ran tests to see how I was doing acted like they were in shock.  They acted like I was in some kind of emergency or crisis and acted alarmed, since I did not take medications nor see a doctor regularly.  Their eyes got big and they were very concerned about my condition.  It was like they had never heard of someone’s taking control of their health but not seeing a doctor for every little thing.

After the test results came in, they reported that my echocardiogram and tread-mill tests were normal with no abnormalities.  I could have told them that.

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I am still working on the low-thyroid but have made a lot of progress in using food as medication and getting off of the prescription meds, and also the over-the-counter thyroid supplements.  I have learned from physician’s such as Dr. Axe, found online, that leaky gut caused a lot of problems contributing to hypothyroid.  Addressing my food plan has helped me immeasurably in treating my hypothyroid because I feel so much better.

What really gripes me is how the medical model says we have to see the doctor for every ailment but they aren’t trained to talk about the health benefits of proper food and nutrition.  And the high cost of prescription drugs and medical treatment for everything is too much to bother with when there aren’t really results.  You don’t get well this way.  

Diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity and inflammatory diseases like arthritis and inflammatory bowl disease do not begin to heal with prescribed drugs. Doctors never tell you that.  They only say that you might feel better, but watch out for the side-effects of the drugs, so why bother taking them for any length of time?  

Except for being in a medical emergency, I wouldn’t go to a doctor.  Prescription  drugs only mask the issues and are not curative, in my opinion.  How can they possibly heal a disease?  Granted, I am not a medical doctor and so I can’t give medical advice, but it seems that to doctors, using food as medicine is not the norm, it is a no-no to tell you truthfully that food has medical benefits.

It seems that most Americans suffer from one ailment or another, and more and more Americans are overweight or obese.  

The way I see it, our food intake is the main problem.  I mean not only the quantity of the food we eat but also the quality.

According to BestMasterOfScienceInNursing.com, “69% of adults are overweight or obese” and “70% of Americans take prescription drugs.”

They also report that food can be used medicinally and can be used to help treat many conditions.  BestMasterOfScienceInNursing.com reports that a Mediterranean type diet can help inflammatory diseases such as appendicitis, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and can reduce blood pressure.  Why can’t doctors tell their patients this?

blood-pressure-curl-borderThey report that a low-carb diet helps lower the risk of heart disease, helps weight loss and boosts good cholesterol (HDL).  Celiac disease can be treated by a gluten free diet, and a vegetarian food plan can help blood pressure drop about half of the drop in medication.  Food is a great thing, it not only tastes good but it can heal you up, too.

The cost of medical school averages $32,495 for in-state public education, according to Business.com.  Private medical schools are much more expensive.

At the cost of public schools, why aren’t medical schools focusing more on healing and wellness, instead of doling out drugs?  Why teach prescription maintenance, rather than using food for real healing?

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